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by Gary McWilliams (aka The Festival Nomad)
The start of SUMMER, to me, is July 1st, CANADA DAY. This is when everyone seems to be thinking about "Summer Holidays"! Fortunately for Judi and me, we live in "Vacation Land", getting to our summer location doesn't involve lots of traffic. Yes, there was a time when I, too, fought through the long line-ups of cars! No more frustration and no more traveling for hours to get to our "Happy Spot"!
On Canada Days we have traveled to many interesting communities, ones that think are worth celebrating. Each celebration comes from the heart of the people. You can see to joy and the pride in their eyes! In 2007, when we started this ONTARIO VISITED "adventure", little did we know where the journey would take us, especially on Canada Day. Since our first Canada Day adventure (in Cobourg), we have travelled across Ontario. In fact, we have visited 14 Ontario Canada Day celebrations (see below).
With Canada Day 2018 here, Judi and I wish you all a very HAPPY CANADA DAY... O CANADA!
Canada Day Message
"Our CANADA DAY tribute video... Over the Years!"
Summer Activites...
Each year, when summer actually arrives, I start thinking about what I want to do during the summer months. As I have grown older, my choice of activities has changed! When I was younger, it was all about swimming and water skiing. Then golf became my passion! Later when I could afford it, it was all about boating and cruising the Trent-Severn Waterway. Nows its more about relaxing by the water, reading a good book. The video shown below is all about SUMMER ACTIVITIES.
"Oh Canada Eh! Game ~ Summer Activities video"
Horsing Around...
This spring Judi's twin sister, Sue, has discovered "WHISKEY"! No, not the DRINK, but a beautiful horse named "Whiskey". Sue plans to visit us this summer and become better aquainted with her NEW friend! Horse back riding is a summer adventure that many people enjoy.
"Sue, Judi and Whiskey!"
As I mentioned, golfing was one of my favourite summer activities when I was younger. During the summer months I would get up very early and rush to the golf course. There, I would play a quick game of golf and then speed to work. This used to drive my brother, whom I worked with, crazy! He was annoyed that I played golf in the morning and arrive to work 15 minutes late. He didn't seem to appreciate my working an hour after our office closed. You guessed, my brother was not a golfer! He did, however, love boating... we'll talk abount that later!
I still like to golf, but not every day and NOT early in the morning!
"Oh Canada Eh! Game ~ Golfing video"
Classic and Antique Cars...
Judi and I were visiting an event in Wasaga Beach and there was a Classic and Antique Car Show taking place. It got me to thinking about classic cars and how I wished that I had kept my mother's "1962 Red Chevy Impala Convertible " or my "1967 Grey Chev Camaro Convertible"! I see them going across the "auction block" at Barrett-Jackson auctions and commanding huge prices and I then think "only if"!
However, I did have a lot of fun driving both vehicles, so I can't be too disappointed! It's amazing, as you drive across Ontario, especially in the summer, how many people love and drive their "Classic and Antique Cars"!
Antique Car
"Antique Car, seen at the Wasaga Beach Cruisers Show"
Summer Music...
Another great summer past-time is visiting summer music events and enjoying their music. Over the years Judi and I have listen to many great musicians. Fortunately music festivals are still very popular. The video shown below contains music from a number of events that we have attended... enjoy! You can visit our Ontario Event Directory to find an event close to you.
"Summer Music Video"
Flying High...
I know a number of people whose favourite passion is flying. I've never caught the bug, but it certainly catches my imagination!
A short time ago Judi and I visited an airshow. There were several "heart stopping" areobatic stunt performances. Although that type of thrill would not  be for me, it was wonderful to see the skills that the pilots obviously had. As I watched each plane and pilot perform, I got the sense that they were having a lot of FUN, "Flying High"!
Flying High
"Flying High!"
As I have mentioned, I have loved boating most of my life! As a small child my father took me out fishing and, while he trolled for lake trout, he let me steer the boat, Since that time, my most precious time is on the water. It seems that the motion of the boat calms me. The video shown below highlights some of the boating scenes we have encountered while travel throught Ontario.
"Boating in Ontario"
Since I don't have a boat anymore, I've taken to DRIVING! Driving has been in my family "jean", ever since my "great-great-great grandfather" came to Canada from Ireland and set up the family "carriage making" establishment in Lakefield (just north of Peterborough). Since then, especially since the invention of the automobile, we McWilliams have been driving "fools"! Like the calm that boating gave me, I find that slowly drive through unpaved country road give me that calm feeling. The video shown below contains photos of some of the trips Judi and I have taken. Yes, in case you are wondering, Judi loves to travel on these road too!
"Driving through Grey County"
Discovering History...
Another great Summer Pastime is visting Ontario's many fabulous Historical facilites. If you are into "Traditional Museums", like the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto) or the Canada Aviation & Space Museum (Ottawa), or into Living Museums, like Huronia Historical Parks (Discovery Harbour - Penetanguishene and Saint~Marie among the Huron - Midland) or Lang Pioneer Village Museum (Keene), there are plenty to choose from! Judi and I have traveled throughout Ontario have visited many of them. Two of our favourite Living Museums (pictured below) are Discovery Harbour and Saint~Marie among the Hurons. Frankly, Judi and I have visited so many "favourites" (over 35), it would be impossible to name them all!
Huronia Parks
"Huronia Historical Parks ~ Discovery Harbour & Saint~Marie among the Hurons"
Like I said at the beginning of this Newsletter, Judi and I wish you a very happy CANADA DAY and a healthy and fun-filled SUMMER!
Fall Photo
"See you in the FALL!"