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Where the “HECK’ is Spring?


Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Well, it’s the beginning of April, and as I look out my living room window, all I see is SNOW! So, I ask myself, “Where the Heck is Spring?” The answer is, of course, be patient, Spring weather is just around the corner!

To be honest, I am impatient, I want to get out of the house and “smell” the Flowers. As I have mentioned before, I love Spring! It’s the rebirth of life… new flowers rising from the ground, leaves budding on the trees, birds nesting and singing brightly as they bring food to their newly born chicks.

Judi and I have been talking all winter about where we are going to travel and who we are going to visit! It’s an exciting time and one that I always look forward to.

So, let the snow melt and let the grass grow! Judi and I are on our way to explore Ontario communities and to discover all they have to offer.

Hopefully we will see you along the way!


Smelling the Lilacs

"Smelling the Lilacs!"

 I Love Spring Flowers!

Like I said, I love the Spring and Spring  FLOWERS. The video below contains lots to flower and garden photos... so, go ahead and "smell the flowers"!

"Walking through the Garden Shows!"

Country Living...

As many of you know, Judi and I live in the Blue Mountains. We really love it here. The best part is that on any given day we can drive just a few miles and be in the country! As a matter of fact just south of us is Clarksburg, the start of really magnificent apple orchards. I read somewhere that the Georgian Bay region is the second largest apple area in Canada, and I believe it. You can drive for miles and see apple orchard after apple orchard. Spring is amazing when all of the apple trees start to blossom! Like looking for fall leaves, your timing has to be perfect! The blossoms only last for a short time, but when they do its magic!

Apple Blossoms

"Blossoms Every where!"

Driving Through the Country...

Driving though the country in the Spring is alway a lot of fun, especially in our area. There are so many interest communities nearby!  Judi and I like to see how long it takes us to drive just a few miles! I think our record was 40 kilometers in 2 hours. We just get onto an unfamilar back road and see where it takes us. Over the past fews years we have discover many interesting communities and landmarks. The video shown below was taken as we drove "SLOWLY" around Grey County! You should try it in your area!


"Driving through the Country!"


Lots to See in the Country...

One of the fun things to do when driving in Grey County is to follow the "Barn Quilt Trail". This is a phenonina that is happening across North America in rural areas. Farm communities are designing and creating Barn Quilts. These are normally 8' X 8' and are hung on the side of a barn. Barn Quilt organizations are set up to help promote local Barn Quilt Trails. These trails are fun to drive and explore. There are several of these trails being organized in Ontario. The Rocklyn Agricultural Society women initiated the project in Grey County, it's call "For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail". Judi and I have followed the group and Judi even tried her hand in painting one of the Quilts. We also witnessed the "hanging" of two of them! The video show below documents the start of the project. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to explore the Barn Quilt Trail in your area!


"A Study in Barn Quilting."


It's Time!

Spring is also the time that many people think about fixing up their homes, inside and outside. I guess that's why so many "home and garden shows" are offered in the Spring. The biggest one is the combined Canada Blooms and National Home Show held at Exhibition Place in Toronto, but many Ontario communites hold their own version. The below video was produced featuring a numer of visits to "Lifestyle" events.


"What's Your Lifestyle?"


Ain't Life SWEET!

One of the best things I like to do in the Spring is to visit Maple Syrup Festivals! The allure certainly is the "sweet" maple syrup, but there's more! How about just walking through the forest of maple trees on a crisp Spring day, or smelling wood burning in the maple sugar shack as it converts "sap" into "maple syrup"! And, Maple Syrup Festivals aren't just about the production of maple syrup, it's about the beginning of another year! The flowing of sap means that the trees are alive and about to sprout their leaves. It means that newly born chicks will have cover for their nests and animals who have awakened from their winter's rest will have food to norish their weakened bodies. Suddenly the forest will become alive with activity! Ain't life SWEET!

The video shown below is Part One of two videos about Maple Syrup Festivals.


"Enjoying Maple Syrup Festivals!"

Looking Forward...

Yes, Spring is here and now we have to look forward to other "warmer" activities! The following photos will help you "visualize" some of those activities, I know that they are helping ME!


"I can see myself boating on Georgian Bay!"


"Golfing on our local course! It's only $7.00 per round!"


"There are lots of closeby places to swim!"


"Thornbury has FREE to use tennis courts!"

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