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"Daylight Savings Time ~ FREEDOM FROM THE Dark!"

Daylight Savings…


by Gary McWilliams

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 13th. Yes, this is where you “lose” an hour of sleep! Some of you may think that this is a “bad” thing, but for “us” “Daylight Savings” enthusiasts, it means “FREEDOM FROM THE DARK”!

My journey to “ENLIGHTENMENT” (pun intended), began at a very early age. I lived in a small tightknit Toronto (Etobicoke) community (Thorncrest Village), where young kids were safe and could run around the local park without fear of danger (This was a long time age!), so when daylight savings time came, we had a full hour more of playing! There were a lot of kids my age in the Village, so after supper we would all meet in the park. We always know what time to go home, because my friend, Richard, had a “strict” father who had a very “loud” bugle that he blew, when he wanted Rich home. That was the signal for us all to hurry home!

Later, I attended Appleby College. It was their practise, when daylight savings time came, to allow all boarding students an hour, after supper, of “Free Time”. There was a beautiful forest on the schools property and some of us went to the “woods” to explore and play games. It was a great memory, one that I have kept all these years.

Now as an adult I look forward to “Daylight Savings” with great anticipation! I don’t play in the park anymore, or run in the woods, but I do like to go on an evening walk or drive with Judi, and marvel at wonderful Country and Province we are fortunate to live in.

I hope that you all ignore the “lack of sleep” the day we “SPRING FORWARD”!


"Ontario Maple Syrup Festivals (Part One)"

Festival Nomad’s Report…

Over the past few months we have been enjoying “winter” in the “north”. Having lived in Toronto and Cobourg, we consider ThornburyBlue MountainsGeorgian Bay to be the “NORTH”! People in the “REAL NORTH”, like our friends Kathy Fisher and Edie Suriano in Sault Ste. Marie, might “strongly” disagree! Whatever your point of view on the “NORTH”, we are enjoying ourselves! Many of our “winter” excursions have included the taking of “Oh Canada Eh! Game” videos ~ Skiing, Ice hockey, Ice Sculpturing and Winter Walking.

Another part of our “winter enjoyment” has been working to improve our Ontario Festivals Visited websites and the many components that make up a great part of what we offer our festival and touring web visitors. Here are some examples…

Twitter ~ Judi has been finding and “tweeting” out hundreds of interesting and important event and community information.

Videos ~ I have been creating a number of new (and improved) Ontario Festivals Visitedvideos. In addition to our Oh Canada Eh! Game series, I have been creating a number of “VISITED” videos. They include montages for our monthly newsletter (for this month I have created a 2 part series on the Maple Syrup events that we a have visited) and single subject videos featuring the festivals and communities we have enjoyed. These new videos (found in the “FESTIVALS ARTICLES” section of our Ontario Visitedwebsites) include our trip to the Town of Almonte, Judi and Lory MacDonald’s adventures at the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures (watch as Lory and Judi race down the Twin Thunder Zip Lines!) and our “mouth-watering” journey as we ventured along The Blue Mountains ~ Apple Pie Trail.

Ontario Event Directory ~ we are now working with our web design partner to create our NEW Ontario Event Directory. Festival and event organizers will be able to add their event[s] for FREE. This new directory, available in early April 2016, will replace our Ontario Event Calendar and our Ontario Event Finder. We will provide greater details in our April 2016 INSIDER Newsletter.

Thornbury Winter Photo

"Enjoying WINTER in the NORTH!"


Oh Canada Eh! Game Answers…

In June, we started to play the Oh Canada Eh! Game. In February 2016, four Questions about Canada have been asked. The following are the Questions with the Answers.

  1. February 7rd, 2016~ (Ice Hockey Question)
    QUESTION: “What year did the Toronto Maple Leafs win their last Stanley Cup?
    ANSWER: “1967”
  2. February 14th, 2016~ (Village of Creemore Question)
    QUESTION: “What year did the settlement of Creemore begin?
    ANSWER: “1842
  3. February 21st, 2016~ (Bruce Trail Question)
    QUESTION: “What year was the idea of creating the Bruce Trail first discussed?
    ANSWER: “1959
  4. February 28th, 2016~ (Scenic Caves Nordic Adventures Question)
    QUESTION: “Southern Ontario’s longest suspension (walking) bridge is located at the Scene Caves Nature Adventures. How long is it?
    ANSWER: “420 feet”

I hope that you enjoy playing the Oh Canada Eh! Game. I’m sure that you knew all the answers. Remember, all of them can be found on the Internet. I’ll let you know the correct answers to all the March 2016 questions in our April 2016 INSIDER Newsletter.

NOTE ~ All future Oh Canada Eh! Gamevideos will give you a “choice” of “four” possible answers, one of which is correct! Good luck and have fun! At many of the events and communities we visited this past year, we took the time create an “Oh Canada Eh! Game” video. If you haven’t played yet, we hope that you will now and enjoy the trivia questions. All answers can be found on the internet. Events and communities highlighted in “RED” have an “Oh Canada Eh! Game" video. To view the videos, please visit our Oh Canada Eh! Game website (http://www.ohcanadaehgame.ca/).


"Preview video of Judi and Lory's experiences at the Scenic Cave Nature Adventures."

“The People” … “The Stars” … “The Reason”! (Part Two)


by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

In our January INSIDER, I wrote about The People” … “The Stars” … “The Reason”! In this month’s issue, I’ll continue with “Part Two”.

“My job is my Passion”!

At the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, our host and guide for the day, Christina Lucas, was extremely passionate as she toured us throughout the entire Museum! Christina told us “there are only ever 7 degrees of separation of Aviation, you learn about so many others where there is a connection”. “It (the museum) is not theirs, its all of ours! Christina says “There is nothing like people who are enthusiastic!” And we were that, during the Canada Aviation & Space Museum tour!

At the Canadian Museum of Nature, our tour, Dan Smythe’s journalistic background helps him “keep up” with the demands of us “thirsty reporters”, all hoping to get “The Inside Scoop”! Dan tells us that the Canadian Museum of Nature is an very interesting place to work…he enjoys being engaged with the public and then connecting with research scientist, who travel across the world. Communications with them, including all the stories they share, contribute to not only Dan’s wealth of knowledge, but his passion! This definitely became contagious as our time with him that day went on!

Part way through our tour of the Canadian Museum of Nature, Caroline Lanthier, Senior Content Developer and Exhibition Project Manager, was gracious with her time and passion, delighting us with her unsurmountable knowledge of the Museum’s “Behind the Scenes”, the “hallmark” of the Mammal Gallery is the “Dioramas”. What a treat!

“THE GAME” … “Oh Canada Eh! Game” …

Dan Smythe at the Canadian Museum of Nature was the first to start us off as a “participant” in our ongoing weekly interactive Oh Canada Eh! Game. We were excited when others agreed to “go on camera and ask the QUESTION”! Great friends in Sault Ste. Marie, like Jasmina Jovanovic of the Art Gallery of Algoma and Edie Suriano of the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre participated, as did Kathy Fisher, curator of the Ermatinger.Clergue National Historic Centre. All were charming and “very funny”, each adding their “two cents worth” to the Oh Canada Eh! Game!

Laurie Siblock, at Lang Pioneer Village Museum, Keene, welcomed us with open arms to the Village. Here, as we attempted to shoot a “Game” video, chain saws “BUZZED” in the near background. Just as the “BUZZING” stopped, a plane” DRONED” over the village! All this making it a “challenge” to be heard!

If you have not yet seen our “Trouble at the Museum” You Tube Video, you have missed a great laugh! (You can check out at LINK). The Grey Roots Museum & Archives were extremely gracious to host us for the day, allowing for this special Oh Canada Eh! Gameto be filmed. The guided Tour at Moreston Heritage Village was extraordinary!


Scenic Caves Nordic

"Recent photo, taken at Scenic Caves Nordic Adventures, where there's lots of fun snowshoeing!"


Finally, our NEWLY posted, Scenic Caves Nature Adventures video, is amazing! It features Judi and our friend, Lory MacDonald (of Artfest Ontario fame!) as they navigate the various NATURE ADVENTURES that the Scenic Caves offered ~ a “Suspension Bridge” tour with its fabulous view of Georgian Bay. Then a “Tree Top Walk” high above the ground! Even the “Squirrels” were afraid to “look down”! Next was the exploration of the “Caves and Caverns”. Exhausted Judi and Lory scramble up and down the steep rocks and crevasses! The end “Adventure” was the “Thunderbird Twin Zip Line”! Each participant “suited up” and readied for the long (2550 feet long – along ½ mile) decent! Each, breathing heavily jumped into the deep “abyss”. The video that Lory took shows each “ZIPPERS” holding on for “dear life”! You could hear the “shouts of joy” as they reach their final destination. After all the excitement, relaxation was in order with a large “dose” of “well earned” ice cream! 


"Ontario Maple Syrup Festivals (Part Two)"