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For the past 8 ½ years we have been publishing our Ontario Festivals Visited INSIDER Newsletter on a monthly basis. Judi and I have enjoyed creating each issue and have been proud of our efforts. Creating a Newsletter takes a lot of thought and effort. As our Ontario Visited websites have grown and the number of festivals, events and communities visited have increased, our available time for producing our monthly Newsletter has decreased. Over the past 3 years, we have visited an average of 50+ communities and their events. This has taken a lot of time and effort. Right from the being, visiting Ontario communities and events has been our main focus and continues to be.

As a result, effective this month, we will be changing our monthly INSIDER Newsletter to a Quarterly Newsletter. Publishing dates will be Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. The Quarterly Newsletter will still include lots of enjoyable and interesting community and event photos and videos and it will continue to contain informative articles written by Judi and myself. In addition, we plan on attracting additional guest contributors to enhance the Newsletter.

Our new Quarterly INSIDER Newsletter we will continue to be the “EYES” on Ontario Communities and their Events!

In the meantime, check out our “Ontario Video Adventures” ~ full of interesting Videos, Articles and Photos from our travels and “Visits” across the Province.

And finally, we welcome you to “Stay Connected” … Visit our weekly, “Oh Canada Eh! Game”. Can you guess the correct answer, let us know! Soon you’ll be eligible win great “Oh Canada Eh!” prizes! (Buttons, T-Shirts, Festival Nomad Hats, a GIFF Relative or even a cruise on the PEERLESS II – Sunset Cruises’ popular cruise ship that sails the Muskoka Lakes. You can win a cruise and lunch for TWO!) “So play the GAME” and “Join in the Fun!”

… Play ALONG, Join IN and Stay TUNED!


"Our latest Oh Canada Eh! Game ~ Taken in Baysville, Ontario (Lake of Bays - Muskoka)"

Festival Nomad’s Report…

As I mentioned (below), in our Oh Canada Eh! Article, Judi and I will be visiting Lang Pioneer Village Museum on Friday, July 1, 2016. We will presenting our Oh Canada Eh! Game to Lang visitors.

Immediately after Canada Daywe will enjoy Wasaga Beach and the Northern Ontario Region FireFit Competition. In mid-July we will travel to Prescott for the Opening Night of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival’s Julius Caesar. While the area we will be visiting and touring the Eastern Ontario Event Centre in Almonte. After Almonte, it’s on to Portland to see our friend, Jan Bonhomme. Jan, you might know, is the “Master of writing Grant proposals”! Jan is the principal owner of Bonhomme Festival Funding. At the end of the month we will be taking in Canal Days in Port Colborne. In mid-August, it’s back to Port Colborne to attend a play at the Showboat Festival Theatre and then it’s eastward to Buckhorn (Peterborough area) for the annual Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. A week later it’s back west to Goderich for the Goderich Salt Festival and then on to Sarnia. In Sarnia we will visit both ARTZscape by the Bay and the Bones ‘N Stones Museum. ARTZscape is a wonderful fundraising project organized by Sarnia’s Pathways Health Centre for Children.

In between all of the above, Judi and I plan on touring rural Ontario. We have several future “VideoDocs” planned as well as future “Oh Canada Eh! Game” videos! Stay tuned!


"Video of past visits to the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival."

Oh Canada Eh!

It’s hard to believe that Canada Day is upon us and that it is only one year until Canada celebrates its 150 (Sesquicentennial) Birthday! Back on July 1, 2015 we started our Oh Canada Eh! Game. Since then we have posted Oh Canada Eh! Game questions each week. The Game started off simply with Judi and I creating and videoing the Game from our home in Thornbury.

Now each video is videoed on location. As a result we have traveled across Ontario creating Oh Canada Eh! Game questions about the communities we have visited and the attractions we have enjoyed! In Goderich we wanted you to guess their community’s motto. In Simcoe, we wanted you to tell us what annual event was celebrating its 175 anniversary. In Collingwood we wanted you to figure out what the main industry was in the 40’s and 50’s. In Northern Ontario we asked who the Sault Ste. Marie Museum’s building was designed for. In Toronto it was a Historic Distillery District question. And so we travel east to Cobourg, Prescott and Ottawa, each time asking questions about Canada and the communities we visited. We’ve had a great time learning about Ontario communities and meeting their people. What a ride we’ve had and what we have learned! But, it’s not over… there are still SO many communities to visit and SO many questions to ask!

In fact, on this Canada Day (2016), we are traveling to Lang Pioneer Village Museum where we have been invited to present our Oh Canada Eh! Gamequestions to the Lang visitors who are attending Lang’s annual Dominion Day Celebrations. There Judi and I will be asking lots of questions about Canada, Peterborough and Lang Pioneer Village Museum. I know that we will meet 100’s of visitors and having a lot of fun questioning. Their reward for participating in our game… winning great prizes… Oh Canada Eh! Game Buttons (everyone will win one!), Oh Canada Eh! Game T-Shirts, Festival Nomad Hats, a relative of our Oh Canada Eh! Game Mascot, GIFF (the Canadian Beaver) and as a Grand Prize, some lucky player will win a “Cruise for Two (with lunch included) on Sunset Cruises Peerless II. Captain Randy Potts, a master storyteller will take you on a cruise of one of the Muskoka Lakes. On the cruise, which lasts for 2 hours or more, you will be able to witness all the beauty of Muskoka and learn about history of the area!”

In July, we plan bringing the Oh Canada Eh! Game contest to our Ontario Visited websites. Everyone who plays will have the opportunity to win a great Oh Canada Eh! Game prize, including another Peerless II cruise on a Muskoka Lake. Details of the new contest will be posted on our Oh Canada Eh! Game website ~


"Oh Canada Eh! Game video taken on Sunset Cruises ~ Peerlees II."

The Adventures of the Festival Nomad!

“A number of years ago I wrote a Blog called The Adventures of the Festival Nomad the following is an article from that Blog.”

If You Can’t Trust The Weatherman…

If you can’t trust the weatherman, who can you trust? This past weekend we visited two different events. One was in the south western part of Ontario, Port Dover and the other was in Central Ontario, Oshawa. The first festival we visited was the Marine Heritage Festival (NOTE: unfortunately it is no longer being held) in Port Dover. The drove three hours to attend! The festival included a marine/military re-enactment on the shores of Lake Erie. This was the main event we wanted to see. Acquaintances had told us that last year’s re-enactment was exceptional, so we were really looking forward to this year’s event! The battle re-enactment was scheduled for twilight (8:30 PM). The whole day was mainly sunny and how (as forecasted). About 7:00 PM we walked to the beach with our lawn chairs to settle in and wait for the battle. We set up our chairs on the beach. The sun was still shinning and the lake was quite calm. About 7:30 PM event organizers came onto the beach and staked out the battle area. We moved our chairs back behind the “Caution Tape”. We had just settled into our chairs when we noticed a dark cloud across the lake! Then there was thunder and lightning! Then the winds started and the temperature dropped! Waves started to roll in and the wind began to blow harder! Finally the dark cloud was over us and the rain started! Someone shouted that everyone should take cover! We ran for our car and made it just in time before the heavy rains started! The time was now about 7:45 PM. We sat in the car debating whether or not the battle re-enactment would take place and should we start now on our long drive home. I felt that it was worth waiting as we had driven so far just to see the main battle, so we waited! At approximately 8:25 PM the rain had stopped and organizers were starting to set up the battle area. At 8:45 PM, the battle had begun! People had flocked to the beach to see the battle. We stayed to then of the re-enactment then started on our trip home. Was it worth the time and wait, you bet it was, but no thanks to the weatherman!

The next day we went to the Canadian Aviation Expo in Oshawa (NOTE: this event is now help in Waterloo at the Waterloo International Airport). This event included an air show that was scheduled to start at 3:00 PM. It was like “déjà vu” all over again! The weather was sunny and warm (just like the weatherman said)! At 3:00 PM the announcer told us that the show was good to go. There was a little dark cloud off to the west, no problem! The air show started. Two of the scheduled participant completed their flybys. Then the announcer came back on the PA to tell us that the show had been suspended for one hour and that we should all take cover in the buildings (déjà vu). Once again we debated and waited. Finally, at a little after 4:00 PM, the air show started again. The first performance went off without a hitch. The second performers, 4 Harvards, took off to darkening skis. They just finished landing when the announcer once again came on the PA system and declared that the remainder of the air show was cancelled! We had just enough time to reach our car before the heavens open and the heavy rains came!

Did the weatherman really mess up this weekend or was it the “Weather Gods” just having a little fun at our expense?