Spencerville 1812 Heritage Fair

jan bonhomme

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Jan Bonhomme

The War Starts...
The War of 1812 Bicentennial commemorations have been planned for the next 3 years but in the St. Lawrence River region of Ontario, celebrating our roots has already kicked off in a big way.

A Lot Happening
During the month of June, not one but four major bicentennial events were offered back to back to visitors and all offered a quality heritage experience in a totally different way! The St. Lawrence 1812 Alliance promotion of these events must have worked because thousands of visitors attended and reports call the events a smashing success.

Spencerville Heritage...
June started out with the Spencerville Heritage Fair who offered a true heritage experience for all walks of life. Political re-enactments, a suttler’s alley, a regency ball, heritage performers and military re-enactments turned this small town into a glance from the past. But the highlight of the day was having over 280 individuals dressed in regency costumes attempting to break the Guinness world record for the number of people dressed in period clothing. Both young and old, male and female came out in droves in heritage finery making the small town of Spencerville truly proud of its attempt and its commitment to celebrating the past. The event kicked off with a very special personal touch with the Alliance Bicentennial Manager, Alicia Wanless marrying partner Michael Berk in the beautiful historical Mill setting. Seeing the bride and groom, wedding party and all guests dressed in their regency finery so early in the morning was an unexpected treat for all and the festivities continued for the remainder of the Heritage Fair.