Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular

Connie Tom

by Festival Nomad Correspondents, Connie and Tom McAleese

Catching the Big One!
On Wednesday September 1st, we travelled to Owen Sound for the Salmon Derby. The Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular is organized and run by the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association and takes place this year from Friday, August 27th to Sunday, September 5th. This is the Association's 23rd year running this event. 450 volunteers are needed to run the 10 day event. They have a kids day, a ladies afternoon, a seniors afternoon and Loonie/Toonie night where food costs only $1 or $2. There was something for everyone including a Giant Fish Fry on both Saturday evenings. There is no charge for the daily & evening entertainment under the Giant Molson Tent. There is lots of great talent every day. We were thrilled with Wednesday's Show, Will Chalmers and the Brookly Roads Band performed a "Tribute to Neil Diamond". Will was amazing and sang many of Neil's hits. If we weren't singing along, we were dancing, sometimes even doing both!
On another note, the weight of the salmon that was caught on Wednesday was 19.25 lbs caught by Danny Morey of Stratford. It looked like a winner and it was! Congratulations! The winner in the Trout Division was a 16.14lb, a rainbow caught by Mark Anderson of Shelburne.
We plan on visiting the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular again next year.