Art in the Park ~ Stratford

Article by Judi "Scoop" McWilliams, Festival Nomad Correspondent

Stratford ArtPark
"Judi enjoys the Wildlife across from the Stratford Art In The Park."

After visiting Gallery Stratford, we had time to travel a short distance to Art in the Park, located on Lakeside Drive right in the heart of Stratford’s glorious Lake Victoria. We walked through the lush green grass and tall trees, to view works of regional artists are represented in this outdoor art show. It was a great opportunity to meet the artists and to browse the variety of art displayed. Here we met a very knowledgeable and gracious artist who shared his time and knowledge, William Mullin, a local artist selling his originals for over 40 years. We asked William what kept him so passionate about art and selling his craft for so long. He told us he comes from a financial background as a financial planner and he is very detailed with numbers and that this has translated to his intricate abilities with his art. He particularly enjoys creating pieces that reflect almost a photographic quality, true to the scientific rendering. Our experience of his work was one of refreshing quality, crisp and clean. There are no tents allowed in the park, so each artist tries to park directly in front of their display area in case of a sudden rain. More artists gather on the weekends. Mr. Mullin enjoys sharing his talents with visitors from around the world, along with sharing their experiences and his own. If you get a change to stop by for a chat, you will enjoy your encounter. William was not the only artist we met this day, many other talents artists showing jewelry, wooden bowls and carvings, leather crafted purses, fabrics and much more. What an amazing experience of a sunny Stratford summer afternoon!