Yours Ever, Jane Play


by Festival Nomad "Scoop"Correspondent, Judi McWilliams


Travelling to Prescott in the summer has become a familiar trip for Gary and me. Travelling the spring gave us an exciting adventure after the long winter. We travelled to the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival to see a one person show, Yours Ever, Jane! As the warmth of the summer season would not accommodate seeing the performance at the outdoor amphitheatre, on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, the performance was to take place indoors. We were familiar with the indoor venue, which was a church located in the heart of Prescott. We had previously attended a performance on summer when an unscheduled thunder storm travelled through Prescott. It was a truly memorable visit as the ambiance in the church added charm during that performance. The lightening flashed through the stain glass windows creating an even more amazing experience.

Yours Ever, Jane was performed by Sarah Finch, depicted the era and the life of Jane Austin. I'm sure you could hear a pin drop during the entire performance. Sarah's performance was so captivating. She moved so eloquently around the stage. It was truly amazing to see an entire performance by a single person. The only sad note about this trip, for the Gary and me, was that we had recently returned from a long journey to other festivals and events and I was exhausted. To make matters worse, I had somehow caught a "sore throat". Partway during the quietest part of second act, I had the "dreaded" choking cough. I squirmed in my seat trying not to panic and trying, desperately, not to cough out loud. The single butterscotch candy in my pocket did the trick!