Peterborough Concert Band at the Riverview Park


by Festival Nomad, Judi "Scoop" McWilliams


Today was going to be special for the Festival Nomad and I, as we set out on our journey to Peterborough, to attend a concert being performed by the Peterborough Concert Band. It was special because my nephew, Jon Law, was performing with the band. He plays the trombone. He started playing  during highschool and has managed to continue his journey by joining concert bands over the course of the years. Today's concert was being held at the “gazebo" located in the heart of Peterborough's Riverview Park and Zoo. We were welcomed to the park area by a huge Canadian Aircraft 428BH mounted high amongst the tall trees. The swans moved gracefully in the river amongst the beautiful gardens. It wasn’t long before we were drawn to the gazebo full of colourful red jackets. The band members were in full swing playing their music. There were lots of shady trees to place our canvas chairs. A large crowd had gathered, most whom seemed to be familiar “concert goers”! They were well equipped with comfy chairs, shade umbrellas and refreshments. The skies were clear, the breeze gentle and fabulous music filled the air. They played arrangements to suit many tastes. From older marches to new arrangements, from “Glee” (current hit TV show) to Star Wars Movie Theme music, to Beethoven.  Not only is Jon Law a performing member of the band, he is also currently the Band Manager and a Music Composer! During the first half of the concert we were treated to a piece that Jon had re-arranged for the members of the band to perform today. I was amazed that a band member could re-write “history” and then have a full concert band play along to the new arrangement. It sounded fantastic! However, the highlight of this concert for many, was a piece of music composed by Jon. It was an intricate march that amazed us all! To think that a piece of music in a young mans mind came to life by an entire group of seasoned quality musicians. I just can’t imagine what the Peterborough Concert Band has up its sleeves for the next anxious crowds to enjoy! Years ago, I learned that if you shut your eyes while listening to a concert, it will help you “hear more clearly”. By bypassing outside visual distractions you can hear more clearly. I wore dark sunglasses, so I hope no one thought I was sleeping. I recommend you try this “tip”. Shut your eyes and listen … the Peterborough Concert Band certainly will not disappoint you!