Daylilies In Bloom at Gardens Plus


by Festival Nomad "Scoop" Correspondent, Judi McWilliams

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We were grateful it was Tuesday! After a postponement or two, we were finally able to connect with our good friends Barbara (aka horticulturist extraordinaire) and Lawrence. Today we were on the way to Garden’s Plus in Peterborough to visit their Daylilies in Bloom Festival. Although the Festival Nomad and I have been to Garden’s Plus before to attend their Hostafest, we still took the time to print out a computer map (just in case we got turned around or there were road closures). We checked Garden’s Plus website to make sure the dates we had not missed the festival. We gathered our cameras, extra batteries, water, frozen wash cloths to cool us later, and sunscreen. The Festival Nomad took us the scenic route, via Rice Lake and the rolling country back roads, through the Village of Keene, then up to the East Side of the outskirts of Peterborough. We had no problem finding Garden’s Plus as plentiful immaculate gardens welcomed us. We parked our car and strolled to the entrance of the gardens.

Oh No...

Then … there it was … an old shovel in the ground directly in the entranceway with a sign on it. It read … closed Tuesdays! Oh my! The Festival Nomad and I stood embarrassed and shocked. Here we drove our friends (from Brighton) in great anticipation of this day! A classic “festival tip” we forgot to use ourselves. Although we checked the dates of duration of the festival, we forgot to check for the actual days open or the hours of operation for that matter. We contemplated “sneaking” around the back just to look. The Festival Nomad had the idea to call the owner Dawn Tack, to see if we would be permitted to have a look around. The Garden’s Plus phone number was posted on the entrance sign so we called. To everyone’s delight Dawn answered.

Daylilies In Bloom...

Our complete let down transformed quickly into a wonderful afternoon. Dawn is an extremely talented, knowledgeable and inspirational woman. The lilies are composed of all kinds of different colours, shapes and sizes. Although Dawn was in a huge rush, she was generous and kind to discuss and share her wealth of knowledge. I think that even Barbara was impressed. Our friend Lawrence was able to record the discussions (becoming an interview for radio) which will be great to share later. Dawn needed to activate the alarm system so she could leave. We bundled a tray of lilies that Barbara purchased into the car (Lawrence joking that the flowers would be fine, but Barbara and I might a little squished in the trunk) and left Gardens Plus and their Daylilies In Bloom. We carefully wound our way home back through the rolling hills, lake view and lush countryside.