Codrington Family Night

Kevin Stuart

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Kevin Stuart

Family Fun Night...

It’s often been said that it’s not always the destination but the journey there. Many have taken the northward drive on Highway 30 from Brighton toward Campbellford. If you have done this drive on a few occasions you may have noticed a few of the little hamlets that dot the trip, although you may not have remembered their names. One such community that was worth a second look was the village of Codrington. On August 25, 2012 the Codrington Community Association hosted a Family Fun Night an annual summer event. As well as opening their local walking trail and solar project.

Lots of Food!

It had many of the ingredients that make a summer family outing, music, food and fun for the kids. The Brighton Rotary Club sponsored the barbeque of hamburgers and hot dogs which all could enjoy for a donation. The same was true for the corn roast, and ice cream was also there to savour. They had held such an event in previous years but for the first time it was moved to the early evening hours. According to the organizers we spoke with, that move had a dramatic effect on attendance. As a result, the food began to run out while people were still arriving, no doubt providing an indication of the quantities needed for the next time.


Fortunately we had tasted our share and moved on to some of the other activities that included the bouncy castles, and fish pond and petting zoo. As well, a few friendly games were organized such as tug-o-war, three-legged races, and watermelon eating. Parents of participants may wish to make sure they have extra wet wipes on hand.

Grand Opening

There was also the opening of the Codrington Walking Trail, with local political and other dignitaries on hand. It was during this presentation that we got to see the various groups and individuals who have worked together on this true community effort. A rather inspired idea was all children present were encouraged to race along one section of the trail to the finish line where the ribbon was officially cut. Along the trail are benches, each of which has been sponsored by a local family. We captured a few folks strolling along with the park surroundings and gorgeous sunset as a backdrop.

Firefighters Were There...

Also contributing to the fun were the local firefighters giving kids a chance to climb into the truck and don the uniform. That proved to be a big hit although even bigger excitement followed when they turned on the hose for the youngsters to run in and out of, more or less a giant sprinkler.

Good Turnout

One of the main organizers, Liana Palmer, was particularly impressed with the turnout and, thankful for the ideal weather for such an event. She told us to look for further family fun their annual Hallowe’en event planned for the month of October which we just might be writing about in the near future. Codrington is a perfect example of a community whose residents truly work together to make good things happen in the place they live. As the slogan on their sign reads, “Codrington – Small Village, Big Ideas!” 

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