Christmas at Presqu'ile Arts and Crafts Show

Kevin Stuart

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Kevin Stuart

Christmas Arrives Early...

One of the first places Christmas arrives each year is Presqu’ile Park. The Park situated just south of Brighton, Ontario on the banks of Lake Ontario. For 19 years, on the first two weekends and the middle Wednesday, you can view and purchase some truly special Christmas gifts. The Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show offers a good sampling of works by 100 artists from eastern Ontario. Art works featuring glass, pottery, woodcrafts, weaving and, not to mention delicious candies and jams!

Heritage House...

Set in the park’s 10-room Heritage House, with Lake Ontario as a backdrop, this warm and homey atmosphere will take you back to Christmases of old! According to co-chair Joyce Boucher, preparing the house for the Christmas at Presqu'ile Arts and Crafts Show begins shortly after Labour Day. More than 250 busy “elves” work right up to the opening date, ensuring everything is in place. While my wife and I found many beautiful treasures on our visit, it seems we missed many others that had already been snapped up the previous weekend! Joyce told us attendance this year was so good and, for the first time, they were sold out of their famous rum cake which was being served next door at Stonehenge House. (Note to self – arrive earlier next year!)

Lighthouse Interpretive Centre...

Nonetheless, we moved on to the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre where more artworks were displayed from artists such as Doug Comeau, Rose Brown, and Linda Barber. Also available there were souvenir crafts, books and more to keep a little piece of Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show alive all year round.
If, like so many of us, you wish for simpler times, the Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show gives your memories a place to feel at home.