Antique and Classic Car Show - Lang Pioneer Village


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

Judi and I have been to a lot of special events at Lang Pioneer Village, but the Annual Antique and Classic Car Show was the most unique! As with other Lang events, Judi was volunteering, so I had the opportunity to walk the show alone. I didn’t mind, because I was far more interested in these classic cars then Judi would be. I love walking through shows like this, because the vehicles were so familiar to me. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, so I had driven/ ridden in many of these types of vehicles, when they were new! Talk about aging myself! I don’t mind, though, because most of these vehicles were a lot of fun to drive! When I go to antique and classic car shows, I like most people of my generation, gravitate to the cars we knew best. My favorite vehicles include all sports cars. I had a white 59 Triumph TR2A complete with racing mirrors. I’m not sure how I lived through the ownership of that car, but I did! My first real vehicle (I’m not sure how to define “real”), was a 1968 Grey Camaro Convertible. This was a fabulous vehicle and boy, do I wish I still owned it! Probably the most unique vehicle I ever had was a 1971 or 72 Opal GT. It was a GM product made in Germany and only imported to Canada for one year. It was a fun car; even the police liked it when they stopped me for speeding …. Ah …. Good Times!