All About Horses

(at the Lindsay Central Exhibition)
by Festival Nomad "Sidekick" & Partner, Judi McWilliams

I Love Horses!

When I heard we were going to visit All About Horses in Lindsay at the Lindsay Agricultural Society Exhibition grounds, it made me wonder what the show was going to be all about. I love horses! Somehow, sadly though, the horses seem to know I am terrified of them. Many, many years ago I had a few opportunities to ride a horse. My very first experience was at a farm that offered lessons in a barn. I was terrified and apprehensive, to say the least. The first order of the day was to get familiar with the horse and to walk about the outside area, before leading the horse into the barn arena. I guess the instructor realized my apprehension and told me just to walk the horse where I would walk. Well, I walked, with the horse, through a huge mud puddle rather than going around. The instructor was not impressed! Then, I mounted the horse outside the barn, and made the classic mistake of forgetting to duck while entering the arena! The door was only partially open! I got knocked off the horse before I even got started! That was that! My love of the horses continues to this day, but my riding adventures don’t!

What Is The Show All About?

Wondering what All About Horses show was going to offer, I checked out their website prior to leaving the house. It is a great site, and I was surprised that their “goal” was clear … “The goal of the All About Horses event is to entertain, educate, and inspire in a celebration of the horse”. It is all about a real “Hands-On Experience”! The Lindsay Agricultural Society Exhibition grounds are top notch! The facilities are impeccable! All the proceeds from this show help support the "not for profit" Lindsay Agricultural Society whose organization is committed to encouraging an awareness of agriculture and promoting improvements in the quality of life of persons living in the agricultural community and beyond. One of the festival organizers, Bev Roy is also a “top notch class act”! She welcomed us to the show with open arms and made sure all our needs were tended to all day long. Her staff and the volunteers were all extremely professional. Their show program and schedule was extremely helpful in guiding us through the events of the day, including a map, so we did not get lost. She was particularly excited about the new addition to this years show, the Rawhide “Extreme” Rodeo. This is a show with extreme bareback bronco riding to saddle bronco riding to barrel racing. Bev also shared the excitement of having “Equine Guelph’s EquiMania” attend. EquiMania is an interactive education program for young people interested in learning more about horses and their proper care and safety.

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From the Exhibition Building to the Show Ring...

The Exhibition building of All About Horses, had lots of exhibitors demonstrating and selling all sorts of products and services pertaining to horses and equestrian life. The snack area here was fun too. There was just so much to see and do. We were not disappointed as, All About Horses stuck true to their goals and provided everything they promised. From the Exhibition building, we walked down to the barns. After a walk about through the open barn, where you could get up-close-and-personal with the horses and handlers, we were treated to a riding demonstration by Randy Bird, an elite equine educator. It was wonderful to see him “in action”. We also watch the Canadian Cowgirls practicing for the evening performances. They are an elite rodeo-style precision drill team, who perform to music while presenting precision riding and exciting manoeuvers.

The Mantracker - Terry Grant...

Bev Roy had made special arrangements for the Festival Nomad and me to interview one of the All About Horses featured guests, Terry Grant, aka Mantracker. (To find out more, click HERE to visit Terry's website) With great anticipation, we sat in the boardroom at the Lindsay Agricultural Society Exhibition grounds. Terry Grant was appearing for both days at the show to sign autographs and talks. If you are horse lover and lover of adventure and excitement, you will know The Mantracker! Very few tracking instructors, especially in search and rescue, have actually tracked people. Terry Grant has been involved with search and rescue for fifteen years, is a current search manager and tracks people on the popular reality TV show Mantracker. Terry's extensive knowledge of tracking and the outdoors, lends itself to his presentations. Terry has been a ranch cowboy for over twenty five years, working for some of the largest ranches in Alberta, Canada. This avid outdoors man has also been a big game guide in northern British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. I did get THE INSIDE SCOOP while interviewing Terry. (You can read the full article at won’t want to miss this SCOOP!). After our interview, the Festival Nomad and I wondered back into the main building to watch the massive crowd gather in excitement for the autograph session with the Mantracker. As I said, there was so much to see and do! From watching the Canadian Cowgirl riders who practiced earlier in the day, to all the hands on demonstrations, it really was a wonderful day! It was All About Horses!