Toronto Argonauts Football Game


by Festival Nomad "Scoop" Correspondents, Judi McWilliams

Lucky Us!

When our son. Travis and his wife, Ina, called to see if we would be interested in joining them at a fall Toronto Argonauts Football Game, we jumped at the opportunity. Although we had been to the “Sky Dome” in Toronto for many occasions, it would be our first time for football. We traveled on the Hwy. 401 to pick up the gang in downtown Toronto. It was getting late so it was great to have Travis guide us through all the side streets and alleyways. This local knowledge got us to the game on time. We considered parking in the underground parking at the Sky dome but at the last moment found a great parking spot right across the street. As we approached it became clear that we were in for a lot of excitement. A live band preformed in front of the building and vendors were selling their “souvenirs”, “hotdogs” and "treats". It was amazing to see all the sites of Toronto including the C.N. Tower and the tall downtown buildings. It wasn’t long before the “gates” opened and people started to file through. The "path" to the seating areas was well marked and very well organized. The ushers helped us find our seats. They were great seats and way, way, down the stairs right near the field (about 9 rows up).

The Game - "Did We Win?"

Even if you've watched football on television, there is nothing like being there, being part of the action and excitement! We didn't even need binoculars we were so close. We could see the "colour of the player’s eyes" and the sweat that was running down their faces from the warm-up. If we had to choose seats ourselves, we might have thought that somewhere at the 50 yard line would have been a good place for us to sit. You know, in between all the action. But the area where we were sitting, close to the east end-zone, were fantastic! To sum it up, all the “action”, at least for this game, was directly in front of us for almost the entire game. Toronto was playing Montreal. Unfortunately, Toronto did not have “it” together that day and lost miserably. There were surprisingly a lot of Montreal fans in the stands and they did not suffer at all from excitement. Our “corner” of the stadium was very busy with "young lads and cameras" walking right down to get photos and autographs from the cheerleaders who performed there. We could see them the entire game as they too were directly in front of us. A very busy spot. All in all, there never seemed to be a dull moment. There was constant music including a live band, tons of “give-a-ways”, a young kids dancing show at halftime and fans cheering all the time. Oh well, Toronto didn’t “win” … but we “won” by having a fun exciting day at the Toronto Argonauts Football Game!