Fiera - Toronto

Connie Tom

by Festival Nomad Correspondents, Connie and Tom McAleese

Fiera... A Celebration of Italian Culture & Cuisine

The cloudy skies did not deter us from visiting Toronto's Little Italy on Sunday to visit Fiera. The rain held off and we spent a wonderful 4 hours watching and listening to musicians performing on every street corner and on the Palmerston Stage. The aroma of the food being prepared by the restaurants on College Street was too tantalizing for us to resist! Our first stop was the Main Stage on the corner of Palmerston Avenue and the first singer, Perry Canestrari, was amazing! He literally brought tears to our eyes! Opera at it's finest! Our next stop was to listen to Vince and Figli Dell'Italia. We joined in with the people singing along with them and to watch some of them dancing in the street! On the next corner was Sol De Cuba. You couldn't resist dancing to the Cuban beat! Just watching them, you knew that they really enjoyed entertaining everyone! Next we listen to Souled Out belt out some great tunes and again, join in with beat. I could go on and on, but you have to be there with all the Italians and "wanna be Italians" to truly enjoy the sights, sounds and the aromas of Little Italy. Our final stop at Fiera was back to the Main Stage. We watched performances by Sara Papina, Brian Roman, who is a definitely a person of interest! He was simply amazing and put on a truly fabulous performance! He decided a few years ago to give up his day job and concentrate on his true dream of singing. We're glad he did and we will watch for him in the papers to see where he is performing next! He was followed by Andrea Garofalo and Giada Valenti. Giada is a Venetian born singer, songwriter and Broadway actress. Last, but not least, for our evening, was Rione Junno. This is a group from Italy, whose music, songs and dance are of the Southern Italian tradition. We loved them and were sorry when we had to leave. Fiera is an amazing event, well worth visiting!