Newmarket jazz+ Festival


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

It was great to see Sher and George St. Kitts again, this time in Newmarket. There were already great crowds at this year's Jazz Festival. The City of Newmarket and its residents had certainly embraced the Newmarket jazz+ Festival. This year we were visiting the Festival with "Ace" Festival Nomad Correspondent, Carol Law. Carol lives in Newmarket and is a member of the Newmarket Citizens Band, so the Newmarket jazz+ Festival was one that she really wanted to attend! The Festival was being held in Newmarket's Riverwalk Commons. This was a great facility that includes both a stage area, lots of outside space for both exhibits and festival visitors. There is also a building which held a number of activities and displays. Once we were inside the Festival gates, we started to investigate all that was being offered. There were plenty of interesting vendors, offering unique products and services. On one of the two stages, a group of musicians were performing in front of a large enthusiastic audience.  While we were touring the Festival grounds, we looked for Festival organizer, Sher St. Kitts. Eventually our paths crossed and we were able to catch a few moments of her time. We were even able to snap a few photos with her. As in other years, Sher was a "beehive" of activity and she had to rush off all too soon. After she left us, we continued on our way to explore the rest of the grounds. We had visited most of the outside booths, had stopped to listen to the music and now entered the building. Inside there were activities for kids, including a great craft area where children could allow their creative juices to flow! In an another area fine art was on display. It was here that we met up with George St. Kitts. George and Sher produce the Newmarket jazz+ Festival and George and his group are some of the Festival's "Star" performers! Judi, being the "Photo Op Queen" managed to have another "Handsome Man Photo". Others include the "Mantracker, Terry Grant" and "International Space Station Commander, Chris Hadfield". Back outside, we returned to the stage area to listen to more great music. Time seemed to pass very quickly. Reluctantly we left to Festival, a long trip home awaited us. After the fact, we learned that Carol had returned that evening to the Festival with one of her friends. According to Carol the evening performances were even more spectacular!

What a great way for a "fresh start" in a "new community" for a "well establish Festival" Congratulations to Sher and George and all the Festival's volunteers for a fabulous Newmarket jazz+ Festival.