Lombardy Fair
by Festival Nomad "Youth" Correspondent Anthony
Lombardy Agricultural Society ~ Volunteer
"Video taken at the Lombardy Fair."

Hi! My name is Anthony, I am just about 11 years old and I am the youngest member of the Lombardy Agricultural Society. I started helping at the Lombardy Agricultural Society when I was only 3 years old! Yes, you read correctly, 3 years old. Both my grandparents were and still are members of the society and many times I would tag along to meetings and events. About a year later my mom joined the society as well. So I guess you can say that I'm a third generation Lombardy Agricultural Society member. 

I have many fond memories of my time at not only the Lombardy Fair but at the society functions in general! The ladies of the Homecraft division does a lot of catering. Everything from weddings, private parties to fundraisers and public events, just to name a few. I help at a lot of the catering events as both grandma & my mom couldn't do it without grandpa & my help!

Ok, enough about the society itself, let's talk about the fun stuff - the fair! For the last few years my mom has let me ditch a few days of summer camp so that I can go over to the fairgrounds with my grandpa to help prepare for the fun chaos of the fair. While there my duties include putting out the trash cans for the thousands of visitors we receive, setting up the barn displays, cleaning up the Homecraft building so that the quilts and other crafts showcased there don't get dirty while on display and setting up the flora culture stands for the flower & plant exhibits and the boards for the local school work entries. It's a lot of hard work, but I love it!

Our little country fair starts out with a Junior Ambassador Contest. It is open to boys and girls 10 years and younger. I have to admit that I have been the ambassador twice in my lifetime, the most recent being in 2013.

For the last few years the Lombardy Ag. Ladies have put on a tea room on Saturday and Sunday. They served sandwiches, square & cookies and of course tea, coffee & juice. This was all done for a free will donation. It has become very popular in the last few years.

In 2014 we had a new midway join us. Carter Shows Ltd joined us at the last minute. What a great bunch of people. I got to help them at times and many of them got to know my name. On the Sunday, once the tea room was closed up for the year, Bruce of Carter Shows, invited all the ladies of the Homecraft division to join him at the Teacup Ride. All the ladies loaded onto the ride and were even given carnival stuffs and a big bag of cotton candy! How fitting ~ the tearoom ladies on the tea cups. Grandpa & I even got in on the action~ (see photo).

For the second year in a row we had a pig scramble (see the 2013 video on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lombardyfair). Have you ever heard a piglet scream at the top of its lungs?! I'm not sure who had more fun; kids chasing the little piglets, some of them running away from the piglets when they started to squeal) or the parents & spectators as they watched the antics.

We also have a mini-tractor pull for kids. It is a pedal tractor with a weighted sled, just like the big boys do. I'm too big to participate, but I help out the little kids and award prizes.

Right now the Lombardy Agricultural Society members are busy planning a great fair for 2015. Check back sometime in August and I'll fill you in on what you missed. Better yet, join us!!!


PS:  “Volunteers are the Key to Success”!

Just a note about this amazing young man, and contributor to our Ontario Fairs Visited website ~ Anthony!

In Brockville on June 24, 2014 at the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards, Anthony received a Junior Volunteer Service Award! It turns out this award was presented on his 10th birthday! Proud “Momma” and Anthony’s photograph shows just how proud they both are … and should be.

Without “Volunteers”, Festivals, Events, Fairs, Shows, and Communities across Ontario would not be the success they are today. “Volunteers are the Key to Success”! Anthony is a “Key to Success”!




“One proud momma & her boy” Jackie Bencic and Anthony (it was actually his 10th birthday that day!)