Roseneath Fair

Joanne Andrade

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Joanne Andrade

Unique Fair
It was a crisp and cool autumn day when our family decided to venture out to the 143rd Roseneath Fair. This fair is somewhat unique from others as it is home to the famous refurbished Roseneath Carousel. For a few dollars one can be transported back in time where everyone rides with carnival like music and life like horse figures. It instantly brings out the child in all.

Kids Corner
We also took part in the Kid’s Corner a venue where children can create many different kinds of crafts and take them home for free. My son was enthralled with making a snow globe and a flower pen not to mention decorating his own gourd. This is always a big attraction which is hosted by the Girl Guides of Canada, Trefoil Guild Senior Branch and the Pathfinders. If you find yourself getting the munchies there is also the ever popular Girl Guide cookies to partake in.

Petting Zoo
We moved on to Summer Green Petting Zoo where there were many cuddly farm animals. There were bunnies, pigs, goats and miniature horses and sheep just to name a few. Next we strolled through the Roseneath Fair's livestock and poultry exhibits. By this time the fair was wrapping up so we witnessed how they loaded various farm animals into their trucks for transport. The sheep were the most amusing to observe as they just followed blindly behind.

Taking A Ride...
Finally we toured what was left to see. My son rode with the Albion Amusement Midway and was taken particularly with The Orient Express. The other rides were for older riders so we just watched the action. Some of the rides were quite adventurous and there were many screams and shouts to prove that they were quite fun.

Taffy Pull...
The most interesting part of the fair which was unique was watching a food vendor called Grandpa Ellis’ Taffy pull taffy from a steel hook located on a trailer. We saw them mix the ingredients in a very hot pan. The mixture was a deep dark brown. Once they added water and cooled it they slung it over a metal hook. They tossed it and tossed it multiple times and stretched the taffy over and over. It reminded one of watching Rapunzel letting down her hair. It was neat to see the colours change from the original dark taffy to a fluffy, golden colour. We asked how they knew it was done and they replied that it was by weight and feel. The best part was getting to sample a taste after all their hard efforts.

Day's End
We ended the day by taking in the exhibits from needlework, to junior works, handicrafts and hobbies, photography and flowers to many other community demonstrations. It is always interesting to see others’ creativity in action and see if our choices matched the awards the judges gave them.

It was rather lucky that the weather remained sunny but cool reminding us that these golden days of autumn are fleeting. One must make the most of the outdoor events that are remaining. The Roseneath Fair proved to be fun, exciting and had something for everyone! Why not make the trek next year and make it a family annual event.