by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

Experience The Magic Of Muskoka
The following is an excerpt from the Discover Muskoka website - "Muskoka is Ontario’s Favourite Year-Round Vacation Destination. 2,500 square miles of towering pines, sparkling lakes and rivers, endless recreational activities, diversified culture and genuine friendly service, Muskoka will have you under its spell on your first visit!"

"The following description of Muskoka is based on our many visits to the area"

One of my all time favourite places to visit is Muskoka. That's probably because this is where I spent most of my childhood summers. My first memory of Muskoka is of Lake of Bays and Baysville. For years my parents had been going to a lodge for our summer vacations, but that changed when I was about 10 years old. My mother and father decided to purchase a cottage rather than rent rooms at a lodge. The cottage search started in Haliburton, but was quickly curtailed when my mother saw a bear lumbering up a dirt road near where my parents were considering their new cottage. This took their search to the Muskokas! I don’t think, at the time, that my mother considered the fact that there were probably the same number of bears in Muskoka as there were in Haliburton! That being said, we all loved Muskoka, Lake of Bays and Baysville. After a fairly short search, they found a wonderful cottage on a small bay on the Lake of Bays. The cottage was on the west end of the lake and was located between Baysville and Huntsville. Those were halcyon years and set me for a life long love of the area. Even though we no longer have a cottage (sigh) there, I still gravitate back to the area!
The Muskokas cover a very large area with many beautiful lakes to discover and unique villages to visit. There are four larger lakes and they include Lake Rosseau, Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Lake of Bays. The major towns in the area include Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Rosseau, Huntsville and Bayville.

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