Walkerton Visited
A Bruce County Community | Ontario | Canada
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
"Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ photos taken during our visit to the Town of Walkerton."
"The Town of Walkerton was incorporated in 1871 and was named after Joseph Walker, who settled in this area in 1850. On January 1, 1999, it became part of the Municipality of Brockton." Source ~ wikipedia.org
Walker 1
"Welcome to Walkerton"
From Hanover, we traveled along Hwy. 4 to Walkerton. To reach the downtown area we crossed bridge that took us over the Saugeen River.
Walker 2
"Bridge over Saugeen River"
Once over the bridge, we entered Walkerton's downtown area.
Walker 3
"Entering Downtown Walkerton"

According to the Walkerton BIA website, "Walkerton is the shopping centre of Brockton! Its historic buildings house many exclusive and unique stores and businesses all determined to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. The Victorian style of Walkerton's downtown core adds to the charm and character of the municipality." 

Walker 4

"Shopping in Walkerton"

We wanted to stop to produce our Oh Canada Eh! Game video and we're looking for a good downtown location. That's when we saw the Walkerton Library and Art Gallery. It was perfect!

Walker 5

"Walkerton Library and Art Gallery"

As a background, we used the "Fish" art sculture located near the building's wall.

Walker 7

"Fish sculture"

Since Walkerton is located on the Saugeen River, the town wanted to promote its excellent sports fishing. As a result there are a number ot fish or fishing art scultures and mural located around the town.

Walker 8

"Mural showing the joys of life on the Saugeen River."

On our way out of town we passed a sign showing us the way to Lobies Park.

Walker 9

"Welcome to Lobies Park."

Lobies Park, located on Saugeen River, seems to offer "something for everyone"! There's the the play area for kids.

 Walker 10

"Play area"

And there's camping areas available, and much more!

Walker 11


Across from the park we passed an interesting old building. There were rusted vehicle outside. We were intrigued by its presents. The rustic scene was beautiful in its own way.

Walker 12

"Rustic building"

We were finally leaving Walkerton. On our way out we passed several interesting buildings. One that really caught our eye was the Victoria Jubilee Hall. The Victoria Jubilee Hall's cornerstone was laid on August 15th, 1897 in celebration and commemoration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Walker 13a

"The Victoria Jubilee Hall"