Teeswater Visited
A Bruce County Community | Ontario | Canada
by Judi McWilliams (aka Judi "Scoop" McWilliams)
"Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ photos taken during our visit to the Village of Teeswater."
We has been during through Bruce County's amazing countyside, admiring amazing farm after farm.
Tees 2
"Amazing farms"
I had been so intent on photographing as many farms as I could, when Gary called that we were "here". The "here" was the Village of Teeswater.
Tees 1
"Welcome to Teeswater"
 As we passed the Teewater Welcome sign, I noticed a large manufacturing complex. It was the "Gay Lee Milk and Cream Collection Plant".
Tees 3
"Welcome to Gay Lee"
I wanted to get a closer look, so I ask Gary to turn into their parking lot. We almost hit a Gay Lee tanker truck who was just leaving the plant!
Tees 4
"Gay Lee tanker"

"Teeswater Creamery established in the 1875 by John Hettle and John Inglis. It was the first established creamery in Ontario, and second in Canada. In 1876, Hettle and Inglis entered samples of their butter in the International Exhibition in the United States, where it was judged well-made and finely flavoured." Moving foward... "In May 1981, the Teeswater Creamery was sold to Gay Lea Foods Co-Operative, Don Thompson, son of William and Mary Thompson, continued as the manager of the business for several years until his retirement." Source ~ wikipedia.org

Tees 5

"Mural on Gay Lee building"

We left the Gay Lee plant and drove into the Teeswater downtown area.

Tees 6

"Driving to Teeswater's downtown."

Teeswater is a thriving rural community and is the administrative centre for South Bruce.

Tees 8

"Teeswater Clinton Strre building (hotel)"

Teeswater's downtown has many interesting shops. There was a Home Hardware store on the main street but it has since closed, but the Home Hardware sign remains!

Tees 7

"The old Teeswater Home Hardware building."

We stopped at the Kinsmen Memorial Park to produce our Teeswater Oh Canada Eh! Game video.

Tees 10

"The Kinsmen Memorial Park"

The Memorial Park contains a number of "Memoral plaques". One plaque I noticed for Jennie Fletcher. Jennie was a "Gold" winning Olympic swimmer, born in Leicester, England, but lived and died in Teeswater.

Tees 11

"Jennie Fletcher's plaque"

Teeswater hosts one of Ontario's best agricultural fairs, the Teeswater-Culross Rural Fair. The fair, held in August has been attracting fair goers since 1855!

Tees 12

"The Teeswater Fairgrounds"

In addition to hosting the Teeswater-Culross Rural Fair, the grounds contain lots of fun amenties. The day were visited Teeswater, a young man was testing his motorcycle skills.

Tees 14

"Fun at the park"