Lion's Head Visited
A Bruce County Community | Ontario | Canada
by Judi McWilliams (aka Judi "Scoop" McWilliams)
"Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ photos taken during our visit to the Village of Lion's Head"

"Lion's Head, Bruce Peninsula  is a peaceful port village, located on the shores of Isthmus bay. Surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs which, when viewed from Georgian Bay, resemble the head of a lion, giving Lion's Head its name." Source ~ http://www.thebrucepeninsula.com/destinations/lions-head.html

Lions 10
"Welcome to Lion's Head"
The Village of Lion's Head is located on Georgian Bay and is just off the highway that runs through Wiarton on it way to Tobermory.
Lions 3a
"... and on into the Village of Lion's Head!"
Gary and I had never been to Lion's Head, but had learned a lot about it from friends.
Lions 2
"Lion's Head"
It was easy to find the waterfront, signs throughout the village pointed the way.
Lions 4
"This way to the water."
The Visit Lions Head website describes the main Lion's Head Beach as follows ~ "A quiet and quaint beach, Lion's Head Beach is the place where you literally watch time go by. Nestle in with a good book and dig your toes into the sand. Build a sand castle or play in the playground with your kids. Pack a picnic lunch and use the charcoal BBQs. Minutes from restaurants, shops, and the grocery store for snacks. This beach is home to the Saturday Farmer's Market and free open air concerts on Friday evenings."
Lions 6
"Lion's Head Beach Park sign"

"This has been described as the prettiest marina in Ontario. It is nestled under the Niagara Escarpment, walkable to all amenities and restaurants, beside the beach where the Farmer's Market and Harbourside Music are held weekly." Source ~ http://visitlionshead.ca/profile/lions-head-marina/1559/


Lions 9

"Lion's Head Marina"

As we drove imto the Lion's Head Marina parking lots, the expance of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment loomed before us!

Lions 7

"We had arrived!"

The Lion's Head formation is everything we were told. It's hard to believe that we live in a country where we can enjoy such scenery.


Lions 8


"The Lion’s Head limestonerock formations make it a scenic area for canoeing, kayaking, hiking the Bruce Trail, rock climbing and visiting the marina-lookout by car." says Wikipedia.


Lions 13

"Lion's Head formation"

"Situated in a secret nook on the famous Bruce Peninsula, Lions Head is a little town perfect for people looking to forget about the rest of the world. You may choose your time to explore Lion's Head's crystal clear crystal clear waterwaysamazing hikingsafe shallow beachesandnatural attractions. Or like many, you might decide just to sit and enjoy the quiet moments that pass you by. Feel free to browse this website to find a place to stay, aplace to grab a biteor aspot of shopping. (Source ~ http://visitlionshead.ca/


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"Judi 'Scoop' enjoying Lion's Head!"