Killarney Provincial Park
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
"Oh Canada Eh! Game ~ Video and Photos taken during our visit to Killarney Provincial Park."
Killarney Provincial Park and the Town of Killarney are located south of Sudbury. The long road into the area winds through a very scenic country-side. Judi and I were looking forward to our visit!
"We visited the Killarney Outfitters Store."
 If you are going to camp out in Killarney Provincial Park, you might want to stop at the Killarney Outfitters Store. We did and found lots of interesting and useful produces to make a stay (daytrip or overnight) more enjoyable.
"The Killarney Provincial Park Visitors' Centre."
Before you can enter the Park, you'll need to register at the Visitors' Centre.
"Inside the Killarney Provincial Park Visitors' Centre."
There were a lot of interest Park gifts in the centre.
"Signs warn visitors of potential hazards!"
Fortunately (or unfortunately), as we drove through the Park we didn't encounter are wildlfe, including BEARS.
"The beach at George Lake."
After leaving the Visitors' Centre, we drove through the Park, past several camping areas. Eventually we came to George Lake and its beach area.
"Caneoing in Killarney Provincial Park."
Killarney Provincial Park provides plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy "The Great Outdoors"!
"Preparing to canoe on Lake George."
The beach area provided a perfect launching point for canoeists! We witnessed a number of canoes being launched.
"Paddling on the lake."
 The rock formations that rim Lake George are spectacular! Canoeist can paddle across the lake for a closer view!
"Lily Pads flourish in shallow areas of the Lake."
Walking along the edge of Lake Goerge bring plenty of surprises. Beauty is everywhere! 
"Relaxing by the water!"
I was able to sit by the water and enjoy the peace and quiet of the day. I was happy to "people watch" as visitors enjoyed all of the Parks ammenities!
"La Clouche Mountains form the background of the Lake."
One the main features of the Killarney Provincial Park is hiking the La Cloche-Silhouette Trail. Its "looped" 80km allows hikers to explore the trail in the warmer seasons and snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing in the winter.
"Kayaks lie ready for use in the Park."
 Kayaking on Lake George is also very popular!
"Kayaking on the Lake."
Kayaking on Lake George and exploring all the "nooks and crannies" is an exciting pasttime for Park visitors!
"Having fun in the lake!"
We had great fun watching the kids jump off the rocks into the lake.
"Oh Canada Eh! Game video taken at the Killarney Mountain Lodge."
While were in the area exploring the Town of Killarney and the Killarney Provincial Park, we enjoyed relaxing at the Killarney Mountain Lodge!