Battle of Longwoods

Anne Brooks

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Anne Brooks

On to the Battle...
On Saturday, May 1st I had the pleasure of attending the 21st annual Battle of Longwoods Re-Enactment near London, Ontario.
The Battle of Longwoods is the first War of 1812 re-enactment event of the season. It takes place the first weekend in May with over 300 re-enactors and merchants in attendance. Re-enactments are great events to attend because of the high level of knowledge that participants have and the importance of marking these significant historical events. These people are passionate about their hobby and it shows when they respond enthusiastically to the many questions about the history of the war, camp life, and their kit (costume).
Re-enactors are always approachable and eager to share with spectators. Each re-enactment is unique. Longwoods is an excellent site for the re-enactors to battle on, with lots of trees for soldiers to hide behind and many areas in which cannons be seen. Also at this year’s re-enactment was a Native War Council which added to the authenticity of the day and showed what a vital role was played by the native peoples of the time during the many battles of the War of 1812.
If you have a chance to attend a re-enactment whether it is the Battle of Longwoods or the Siege of Fort Erie make sure you take advantage of that opportunity. They are events that are full of activity, excitement and a wealth of knowledge for those involved. Check one out this season and remember to ask lots of questions of the re-enactors who work so hard to bring the history of our country to life.