Flight of the Royal George
From Bath to Kingston

jan bonhomme

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Jan Bonhomme


"On Nov. 9th, 1812 the USS Oneida and six gunboats under the command of Commodore Isaac Chauncey lay in wait off the False Duck islands in hope of intercepting HMS Royal George. The 22-gun corvette was the largest war ship on the Lake and was commanded by Commodore Hugh Earle of the Provincial Marine. The following day, the Royal George was sighted on its way back from Fort George. Chauncey and his squadron gave chase through the Upper Gap. (between Amherst Island and the eastern-tip of Prince Edward County) into the Bay of Quinte …" Courtesy St. Lawrence 1812 Bicentennial Alliance

The following is a note to Jan Bonhomme from Brian Preston regarding the Fight of the Royal George...

"Knowing your interest in all things marine, I thought you might like to see the pics from Canada Day in Kingston at the War of 1812 Naval Re-enactment of 'The Flight of the Royal George' where the American squadron led by the 'Oneida' gave chase to the British square-rigger, 'Royal George' which made it under the guns of Fort Henry as the Oneida and her squadron of 10 gunboats gave chase firing cannon, and musketeers were in the rigging too! The shore battery (consisting of the NFLD Regiment, which actually was stationed in Kingston in 1812 had 2 six pounders and a brass 3 pounder as they let fly at the Americans as they passed by). My pics are included in this set by Trevor, a new friend I met on site who is with HMCS Cataraqui in Kingston. He is more adept than I and uses the new Google+ program which is neat for sending multiple pics/albums. Brian Preston" Photo LINK